Samstag, 12. Januar 2008


I’m tired of my work!
Just recently I had Christmas holidays, and the weariness has already accumulated. May be a not fresh snow creates bad mood?
As though everything around is besmeared with something dirty!
I’d like to go somewhere to the warm countries - to India, Thailand, or Dubai at last!
Or to depart to Cyprus - there always is warm. My friends invite me for a long time. They called recently and have told, that they have constructed for themselves a second! (I’d like too!) villa and now they travel in Europe.
What an interesting life! For example I wish very much to go to the place with a lot of flowers and where everything is fine - to Australia, for example.
No, it’s too far to fly there, change of time zones and so on.
I have to go to a travel agency and to find out whether there is any late deal for tomorrow?

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