Dienstag, 27. November 2007

About Rest

I want to wish the soonest recover to my friend Georg and a good Thailand holidays.
As for me such rest is not in pleasure. I can’t have a good rest because of such big difference in hours. Once I had to visit Southern Korea and it was just a nightmare. I woke up not earlier than 2 p.m. and could not fall asleep up to the middle of night. Everything was mixed. I have got used to eat at the same time and it is very important for my health.
In general it is necessary to have a rest, but it should not be harmful for your health!

I'm Tired!

I’m so tired of this work! I wish to win several millions or even meet aliens to get from them huge power. I do not wish to go for work any more. I wish to lie down for the beginning several days somewhere in Cyprus or on Maldives and after that to begin a new life.
It is already enough to waste my time for coming to my office looking at sad persons around, then to spend the day on my work looking at sad coworkers’ faces. And the way home is simple a torture.
I’m bothered! I want another life!

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